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NOTICE: As I have failed to mention before, NONE of these pictures(UNLESS I tell you otherwise) are my mine.
If you see something the belongs to you here and you would like for me to take it down I will gladly do so.
So no problems okay (シ_ _)シ ~~~~

lol this blog has been inactive for like a year already, i’m just going to move everything to another blog. follow LilacNuts if you want.

I’ll delete this blog sometime next month.

— 1 month ago
My other new shirt today :3

My other new shirt today :3

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I’ll get active again when I come back from vacation!

It just feels weird to blog with someone elses’ computer.

-Give me some tags/suggestions to look up please :O^

…Why do I ask, no one pays attention to what I have to say on here in the first place D:

— 2 years ago
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